Preparation for Meditation

1. Copy of your passport or visa

(Please make a copy before you come)

2. At least 2 sets of white cloth [shirts and trousers , long sleeve]

(Have for sale in Chiang Mai city)

3. Alarm Clock for Morning wake up

(Cellphone is acceptable for alarm purpose)

4. Other necessary items for daily life

(some toiletries [ soap, shampoo, towel, etc.)

* Important Note

(1) Please arrived to meditation center before 2:30 pm on your first day.

(2) If you late, your opening ceremony will move to the next day with a new comer.

(3) As monk tradition, only 2 meal per day (7 am, 11 am). please take your lunch before coming.

(4) Bring an umbrella in wet season, hard raining in June - September.

(5) Bring torch, flash light for night time.

(6) Bring white Scarf or Shawl for winter season, from October - February.

(7) Mosquito Lotion may need. (All rooms have mosquito wire screen).

(8) Meditation uniform is a must, See gallery for your reference.

(9) Must be inform, if you have any kind of food allergy or serious disease.

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